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In 2016, three friends – Stephen, Ed, and Manu – embarked on a culinary journey that began with the opening of the first Le Bab in London’s Soho, a place where new techniques, ideas and ingredients were used to innovate one of the world’s greatest and oldest cuisines. 


Fast forward to Bucharest, where two more friends, Jan and Vik, inspired by the tales and tastes of Le Bab, dreamed of merging London's innovation with Romania's rich culinary heritage. It was here, in 2019, that our new Le Bab concept came to life, rooted in the belief that great food, drinks, and atmosphere transcend borders.


Our chefs are inspired by Middle Eastern flavors to update classic dishes, with an emphasis on sustainable and seasonal ingredients. Each ingredient is thoughtfully selected, ensuring every meal has its own unique story.


Our dedication extends beyond the kitchen. With a carefully curated selection of wines, cocktails, and craft beers, we aim to offer a drink for every taste, each chosen to complement the dynamic flavors of our menu. The ambiance of our restaurants, shaped in collaboration with the visionary Angus Buchanan of Buchanan Studio, is designed to be an integral part of the Le Bab experience – modern, inviting spaces where every meal is an occasion, and every visit is memorable.


As we offer new and traditional dishes across our three locations, our goal stays the same: to make a place where food is enjoyable and brings people together. Come explore with us, from Soho to Bucharest, and experience what makes Le Bab special.

5. Our head chef Manu Canales (right) and the _eatlebab Co-Founder Stephen Tozer (left) ou
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